SB4000 - (Single) ConExtra Pipe Rack Bracket (4 Arm)

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At a minimum, two units are required to build one shelf system. 


The SB4000 ConExtra Pipe Rack Bracket (4 Arm) for Containers provides 4 support arms set at a 30-degree angle to increase volume capacity and strength and includes a safety roll stop at the end of each arm.  This model provides up to 30” of clear floor space below the lowest arm and the floor of a standard height container.  The SB4000 does not require anything between brackets, simply install the brackets and load with rigid materials.  The SB4000 is sold as a welded, single 4-tier unit.  

This system requires no tools to install, no modifications to the container and can be used time and time again.

Individual bracket arms are rated at 600 lbs. each with a total maximum bracket load of 1800 lbs. A two bracket rack provides a gross capacity of 3600lbs. 

* See PDF for sizing and dimensions.

 Purchased Product Includes:

  • (1) Welded Steel 4-tier pipe rack
  • (1) Steel T-shaped Stabilizer

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